Tips To Quickly Get To Ketosis

09 Jul

You probably know little about ketosis.   Well, it is a metabolic process, and it usually occurs when the body lacks sufficient glucose to release energy required.   In the process, the body turns to burn the fats that are stored.   The process causes ketones to increase in the body.   In other words, ketosis can help in the burning of excess fats.

Well, as it is, people are embracing ketosis and are turning to a ketogenic diet with the aim of losing weight.  This means they take low carb foods and those with healthy and saturated fats.

One way to be sure you are achieving Fat adapted ketosis and losing maximum weight is by ensuring you test for ketosis.   Use a breath ketone meter for this.   0.5 and 7mmol/L is the best range for ketone levels for you to lose weight effectively.   With the testing process, you are able to monitor ketones and know when it is time to adjust.  Just get the means to test ketosis and get started.

Well, it is possible that you are working on achieving ketosis but are not losing weight.   You could be missing out somewhere .  How can you quickly achieve ketosis?    Get to read the tips below. How to intermittent fast?

For one, you have to minimize your intake of carbohydrates.    Remember in ketosis, and it is vital that the body gets to burn up those glycogen stores.  To promote the process, you have got to ensure you eat minimal carbs.  Therefore, always ensure that your intake of carbs doesn’t exceed 20g.

Short term intermittent fasting could also help.  You could be missing put on this one.   You can start by doing 16 hours of fasting and an 8 hour eating period.   It is in between the meals that your body gets into the ketosis state. It is during the fasting period that the body glycogen stores deplete and this brings about ketosis.  As a result, the body burns fats.  Get more facts about diets at

As well, physical activity aids in the depletion of the glycogen stores.  It is even more effective when intense exercises. However, get used to exercising so that the body can adjust to using fats for energy.   You, however, should not begin with intense exercises, because they could result to stress.   The production of cortisol could make it hard for you to even achieve ketosis.

 Include healthy and saturated fats in your meals.   Examples are flax seeds oil, avocado, and coconut oil.

 Add coconut oil and MCT oil  to increase and maintain ketosis. Coconut contains MCTS which increase ketosis and help get rid of fatigue linked to getting into a ketogenic diet.

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